The bustling Miramar Entertainment Park and Neihu Technology Park, located near Songshan Airport, and just 5 minutes from Jiannan MRT Station, exudes an air of high-tech and modernity. So it was a surprise that I encountered a medieval golden castle in this area, the SATO Castle!


The SATO Fantasy Hotel is Taiwan’s first ever fantasy-themed hotel designed with a castle-like exterior. Its appearance introduces a touch of novelty to Taipei’s metropolitan area; its fantasy-themed construction adds a dash of artistic flair to the otherwise high-tech Neihu Technology District.

In order to create a sense of fantasy, Dr. Bai Xing San of TMA Architects & Associates was specially invited to design and supervise its construction. British-based designer Zhang Shun Yun was also engaged to provide a tailor-made experience for the “Castle-Themed” concept.

“Every room in this hotel is a ‘complete drama in itself’, featuring unique scenes, props, ever-changing lightings and special effects, which when combined with a little imagination from you, will startle and immerse all five senses,” said Zhang Shun Yun.

Taiwan-First-Castle---Themed-Hotel-pic6 Taiwan-First-Castle---Themed-Hotel-pic7 Taiwan-First-Castle---Themed-Hotel-pic8

In keeping with an aesthetics-based economy, SATO Fantasy Hotel delivers more than top-notch customer service. It offers you outstanding design aesthetics, inviting you to step out of the monotony of everyday life, and ushers you into a realm of intrigue, romance, and fantasy.

In its advertising and publicity efforts, SATO emphasises the concept of “A Room, A World!”, each room is like a world unto itself; providing you with a range of unique possibilities ranging from the pleasant to the fantastical, as they are guided into a new experience of time and space. Given the range of unique experiences we offer, you’ll be surprised at the new discoveries you uncover with every visit you make to SATO Fantasy Hotel.

Theme Featured Rooms

Castle Grade
201 A thousand and one night 301 Jules Rimet Cup 501 Rocking Century 601 Sky Gardens
202 The king and me 302 Venus Grotto 502 Mission Impossible 602 Lavender Room
203 Goodbye, Cambridge 303 Princess Balen 503 Waterloo Bridge 603 Rodin and Camille
205 Princess Iron Fan and the Bull King 305 Sexy Goddess 505 Romeo and Juliet 605 Aida
206 Swan Lake 306 Adam & Eve 506 Amazon 607 Aztec
207 L’elisir d’amore 307 DORAEMON 507 Superman Returns 608 Abstract love
208 Chanel No. 19 308 Leaving Las Vegas 508 Madame Butterfly 610 November Chopin
210 A Walk in the Cloud 310 Incomparable Mazinger Z 510 Little Mermaid 611 Liz Castle
Queen’s Grade 612 Arava
211 The Phantom of the Opera 311 A pair of crackers 511 Popeye 613 Mussoorie
212 Spiderman 312 Heptachord 512 Pirates of the Caribbean 616 Dae Jang Geum
King class 618 Carmen
220 West Side Story 320 Legend of Dragon Slayer 520 Cinderella 620 Princess Turandot
615 Farewell My Concubine 522 Knights of the Round Table 622 The King of Kings

620 Princess Turandot

615 Beauty Yu

Taiwan-First-Castle---Themed-Hotel-pic4212 Spiderman

201 A thousand and one night

Room Amenities:

  • Free wireless internet access
  • Rain showers
  • In room safe
  • Free Blue-ray VOD video channel
  • Colourful pearl jacuzzi bath tub
  • Steam room
  • Shower wall
  • French vichy shower*
  • Far-infrared oven*
  • Variety of free tea bags and snacks
  • Free mineral water, soft drinks
  • Free instant noodles

* Amenities available upon request

The SATO SPA: A Pioneering Concept

The SATO Castle Fantasy Hotel now introduces the SATO Spa; a pioneering concept that incorporates the relaxing and soothing beauty services found in spas. SATO Spa pampers customers with a tranquil and relaxing space to unwind; customers can choose to chill out and enjoy massages, as well as a range of beauty and wellness experiences.

The SATO Space exudes a classical European style. A painting of an angel on the ceiling of the entrance, ushers visitors into a serene white space, which opens the way for visitors to explore the exquisitely designed public areas and pockets of space, providing a combination of fantasy and serenity that soothes the mind and body. The sincerity and dedication that goes into the design of the premises will be sensed by every customer who enters the SATO Spa.

“SATO SPA” will effectively unwind your mind and body, leaving you feeling revitalised.

SATO SPA Operating Hours: 11:00~23:00
Reservation Line: +886-2-8502-6363

Continuous integration and Blending of East and West Creating a Fantasy Castle

Main rooms are classified into three grades: King Grade, Queen Grade, and Castle Grade
Operating Model: Classified into two modes, namely day-room concept and accommodation

SATO Castle Room Rates
Accommodation: From TWD$3880
Day Room: From TWD$1280

Check-in Time:
Sundays ~Thursdays Check-in at 18:00 till 12:00 noon the following day
Fridays~Saturdays Check-in at 22:00 till 12:00 noon the following day


No.75, Jingye 2nd Road, Zhong Shan District, Taipei