Thai culture might appear much like western culture at first glance hence, most people visit Thailand and don’t recognize the culture is significantly dissimilar from that of the western world. There are obviously exceptions to every rule however, here is a selection of general rules in order not to offend Thai people and delight in your holiday.

  1. Open display of Affection – Thai people usually do not kiss or even demonstrate a lot of affection publicly beyond just holding their hands. You need to be respectful and do the same in public places.
  2. Confrontation – The Thai’s typically express themselves gently and try at all cost to stay away from confrontation. Be careful not to shout or even raise your voice; secondly if you intend to take a photograph of a Thai person make sure you ask first.
  3. Dress appropriately – Thai people care about dressing the right way, make sure you respect them and follow their example. They will most likely not care as much in the touristy spots and warm sandy beaches; in spite of this as soon as you are away from these areas make sure you dress properly.
  4. Temples and Holy Places – At any time you are taking a trip to temples and sacred places remember to show respect. You must put on long trousers and also a long sleeves especially if you are a woman. In addition women are not permitted to touch Monks or even touch their robes and really need to refrain from accidently coming in contact with them no matter what. There are numerous holy objects and places in Thailand make sure you don’t touch or get into all of these places without permission.
  5. Feet low/Head high – In Thailand your head is regarded as being high and sacred while your feet are believed to be low and unclean. It is perceived as really rude to raise your feet above another person else’s head. Pointing at or touching anything with your feet is likewise known to be rude. Remember to take off your shoes whenever you are going into a Thai person’s house or a sacred place.
  6. Respect for the King – Thai people have remarkable value and regard for their king, hence, at all times esteem them highly. Don’t speak negatively about the king, defame a statue or maybe image of the King. Make sure you are cautious because there are many scenarios where an unknowing foreigner could possibly end up in Jail. The King nevertheless is a gentleman and is known to pardon outrageous foreigners from hefty jail sentences. However it’s advisable to avoid it at the outset.
  7. Gift items for kids – Be careful not to share gifts to kids because it encourages begging, however give to a reputable organization or elders in the village preferably.
  8. Always put on a smile – Thailand is known as the land of huge smiles and a simple smile can mean a lot of things, make an effort to smile whenever you can at Thai people and they will certainly give back in kind and become more warm and friendly making your visit considerably more enjoyable.

Thai people are incredibly forgiving of foreigners that don’t have an understanding of Thai culture, so don’t worry too much when you get things wrong, because they actually appreciate when you do make an effort to fit in. In the event you do get anything wrong be polite and excuse yourself.