Phone is a very important thing that in this generation, even shopping can be done through phone with internet connection. Phone has a lot of uses wherein it is very beneficial to everyone. Everyone loves to have a smart phone. Even things need a lot of care in order for it to last for a long time.

A lot of people around the world are cellphone users, and mostly they adopted the habit of leaving their phones plugged in for charging at night until they drift to sleep. This case can be bad for your phone battery. Leaving it to re-charge overnight on the other hand is very convenient, you’ll wake up realizing your phone is fully charge and it and it can last for the whole day. But leaving it re-charging and plugged-in overnight is one of the ways of killing your phone slowly.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not charge your phone overnight:

  1. Charging it overnight can end the life of your phone
    The battery life of a phone may reduce if you charge it overnight. The battery life can last longer when the owner keep the phone charged between 80% or when it is 40%. Since it is charging all night even if it is full, your phone can be damaged as well together with the battery. It may explode.
  1. It can waste the electricity
    Knowing that charging the phone can actually consume electricity that is about 3.68 watts. Charging it overnight, not just the phone but also other gadgets, can consume a lot of energy leading you to have a large bill for electricity.
  1. End the life of the battery
    Since the battery has a limited quantity of charging cycles available to it. While you are sleep and your phone is charging throughout the night, it is eating the battery life of your phone, because there are certain cycles that are available.
  1. It can destroy the charger/ adaptor
    Knowing that the charger is being heated because of the charging process, the charger can be damage as well because of the heat that is generated by the process.

Charging your phone throughout the night can definitely harm the life of the battery, not just the battery but also the phone itself and the charger. Taking good care of the phone is needed in order for it to last long. Charging it properly can definitely make the battery life last longer.

It is important to know the charging capacity that your phone can have because of the fact that when you charge it after the capacity is reached, the chemistry of the battery can be damage.  Taking good care of your phone for it is a very important.