The importance of time keeping has only increased with time. In this modern, highly competitive world, time is everything. People who are ahead of time are the winners, while those beyond are the losers. To keep up with time, it is necessary to buy and wear watches that are now available in variety of brands. Some of the brands are considered to be very expensive, such that they are beyond the reach of the average man. It is the celebrity and rich, who are able to afford luxury watches.

  • Why luxury watches are so expensive?
    This is a question that is asked by many. Watches are stated to be divisive subject matter, when price factor is concerned. Although watches from all brands would specify the time, there is much more to what actually comprises an expensive watch. There are watches which may cost a fortune and could be of limited edition! Having a luxury watch is sure to make people to take notice of the same.
  • History and heritage
    One of the reasons for the luxury watch to cost more when compared to the others in the market is because, they do boast of having a rich heritage and tradition in the horological world. Brands like Rolex, Baume et Mercier, Breitling, etc. have been there in the market for centuries now. The watches produced by these brands are considered to be magnificent and designed with great perfection, using the best components available. When compared with the more modern watchmakers, you may find that they might not use similar quality materials and hence, the difference noticed in its cost. Swiss watches are expensive, since this country is considered to be the home of watchmaking.Designer brands cannot stand tall against those backed by heritage and hence, the perceived value. The stunning timepieces are sought by the famous and the rich, which differentiates them from the others in the society.
  • Magnificent manufacturing
    Luxury watches are created by innovative and highly skilled master craftsmen. The amount of time and materials used for manufacturing ensures that only high quality timepieces are produced. This way, the additional costs tend to stack up. They are also created with great care. On the other hand, the lower end watches would be created cheaply and much quickly. It is this difference that makes luxury watches to be more expensive.
  • Considering the components
    One of the significant contributing aspects towards cost of high-end timepieces that is heard mostly is of ‘movement’. Majority of the leading watchmakers of the world are known to develop their very own in-house movements. This does take a good amount of investment and hiring only the best and highly skilled workers to make sure that top range timepiece is delivered to the end consumers. Furthermore, little finishing touches are provided to the design to improve its overall aesthetic and appeal. Cheaper watches mostly have generic quartz movement that is not that expensive or worth the investment.

Hence, luxury watches, when compared prove to be more expensive.