Quitting a job isn’t something must be taken lightly, and it’s always wise to have a solid plan in place if you decide to quit. But, sometimes jobs become unbearable and staying for a longer period of time seems like not good for you and for the company. When you are feeling upset with your present career and considering giving up, here are the reasons to give up a job.

Your Idea is taken for granted or ignored Always

Everyone has good ideas. Every one of us is happy when our thoughts are taken critically and implemented. There is a feeling of fulfillment because you have contributed in a particular way.

However, when your company or boss ignored or insult your idea, that is not only degrading to your morality but also de-motivating. The best thing to do is to pack up your things and resign.

You get condemned in front of your co-workers.

Everybody wants constructive feedback. Everyone wants a bit of a nudge. Everyone wants to be told when he or she could do something great. However, all these must be told personally and face to face.

Life is too short for you to walk around and wait for the next criticism. Never allow your boss to humiliate you publicly.

Don’t Appreciate Your Effort

Each one of you needs praise. You want to recognize you when you do something better. If all your hard works and efforts are taken for granted, it is best to look for another company.

You sense as if you are becoming obsolete or have no meaning

Everybody wants to feel a fraction of something better and bigger. Everyone wants to feel that they make a huge impact not only on jobs, but also on the people around them. If you think that you are becoming obsolete in the company, it is better to decide to resign now.

Your Boss doesn’t care about you

Everybody is replaceable. Everybody eventually works to live and survive. However, every one also needs to work not only because of salary. They need to work with individual they admire and want to be admired and respects in return.

If the company or your boss does not infrequently stop for an instant or fast discussion regarding family, a casual discussion to know if you want assistance, then you better make resignation letter now!

You are not even kindly excited to go to the office

Each job has its drawbacks. However, each job must also have some exciting or challenging moments. Each job also has some factors which make you do things happily.

You cannot see a bright Future

Each job must guide to something, like promotion, however, when not the chance to take on extra accountabilities, know new things, undertake new challenges, you better are leaving your job now and find a new one.

You do not believe you can do something else.

This is the best reason for you to quit your job. If you do not think you can do something else then what stops you from quitting your job. Life is too short to merely keep where you are rather doing the whole thing likely to live a good life.