Regrettably, home fires are a very common incident and in several instances the reasons behind them are mechanical failure of an electrical device in the home or from inappropriate design of the electrical system inside the house. Fire is unforeseen, widely spread in mere seconds and could destroy a house within a short while.

Here are a few steps to take When Electrical Fire Happens in Your Home

  • Do not Use Water by Itself
    Never, attempt to put off an electric fire with just water as water is a conductor of electricity and might severely shock you. Always remember to find out the source of the fire and fight that natural impulse to make use of water.
  • Use Baking Soda for a smaller Electrical Fire
    In the event that a small fire breaks out, for instance if a cord starts to burn you can actually extinguish it with baking soda. Baking soda is made up of sodium bicarbonate, which is the substance found in Class C fire extinguishers which happen to be perfect for electrical fires. Soda releases water which could successfully cool and repress a very small electric fire.
  • Use a home fire extinguisher.
    Making use of fire extinguisher is an excellent way to prevent an electric fire before it becomes uncontrollable. However before you deal with a fire, try to read the instructions on the fire extinguisher. More than just owning a fire extinguisher knowing how to put it to use is equally important. Most extinguishers are rated Type A: B: C knowing which type to work with is of utmost importance.
  • Make use of a Class C Fire Extinguisher
    Preferably, go for Class C fire extinguisher, which can safely and effectively get rid of fires that start around wiring, plug-ins, home appliances and circuit breakers. Always remember to switch off the power to stop the fire from escalating.
  • Call fire station for assistance
    At this time, if the fire is escalating and going beyond your control, evacuate your house right away and call fire station. Do not attempt to save even a treasured possession because fires get spread around with great speed and ferocity. Stay outside the house and wait a little for help to come.With contending anxieties going on in your head t the same time, it’s reasonable if your logical thoughts turn out to be somewhat confused. But at any point, you should not be reluctant to call for assistance, even when you think you possibly can put off the fire on your own. Your nearest fire crew expects that you guarantee your basic safety and well being as well as your family first.
  • Use a fire blanket to repress the fire
    As a substitute, you can make use of a fire blanket to extinguish any electrical fire; however this step is usually right and proper if you have successfully turned off the power from the source. Although wool is a great insulator of electricity, it is advisable you don’t get close enough to the source and risk electrocution especially if the power is not turned off. Fire blankets are chemically treated wool and are effective for putting off electrical fires.To make use of a fire blanket, take the blanket out from its packaging, unfolded the blanket and hold in front protecting your hands and body then drape it over the fire.  Don’t throw the blanket at the fire. this very effective when fire are at the early stages and also do not hurt nearby objects or areas.