Smartphones drastically enhance the way people learn, live, create, and communicate with others, however it also has disadvantages, especially when users are constantly linked to it. Too much use of smartphone could have a harmful effect on your relationship, career, health, etc.
There are many reasons why you must not purchase a smartphone. Those of you who yield to the temptation or lure of this remarkable and magical technology, it is now time to plead. A smartphone can affect your life in so many ways such as:

Could Harm Your Relationship

Smartphones might be able to connect user to everyone through email, social works, messaging services and the broader web. However, it is also able to disconnect to people around them.

Phone Snubbing or Phubbing is a very serious problem, with partners deciding to spend their free time together looking at their smartphones instead of discussing things. This is simply the thin end of an incredibly big wedge which can harm our capability to communicate and connect with people around us face to face.

Midnight Emails Kill Efficiency and Productivity

Even of working at home at night may look like a good way for you to get ahead, a current study conducted by Organization Behavior and Human Decision Processes discovered that those who utilized their phones after nine in the evening for job relations experience poor sleep as well as drastic drop in their energy the following day at work place. Why? Because the blue light produced by smartphones could hinder the efficiency of melatonin, a substance in the body which promotes sleep.

Phone Attachments Make User Crazy

Suffering “phantom vibrations”-feeling or hearing you smartphone ringing when it not has turn out to be common amongst users of smartphones which is also known as ringxiety, it is categorized as a real syndrome. Research conducted by Computers In Human Behavior in 2012, found out the 89% of college undergrad copped to it, at the same time 87% of medical workers in another research also confessed to feeling or hearing false vibrations.

Applications for Smartphones can Affect fitness

In spite of a heave in fitness application made to endorse active lifestyles, users of smartphones are still losing the fight of the swell. , Watching movies, playing games, or surfing the web on the smartphone might result to a inactive lifestyle, in a 2013 research conducted by Kent State University, revealed that learners who spent significant numbers of time on their smartphones—to the extent of 14 hours on a daily basis—had the least fitness levels. Research also shows that those who restricted their use of phones to only 90 minutes per day shown to be in a better shape.

Texting could lead you in the Hospital

The risk of using phone while driving is considered the main cause of road accident, at the same texting while walking could do the same amount of physical harm. Experts at University of Ohio discovered that many pedestrian phone related accidents increased in numbers, and when these keeps on, it augment to a higher extent by 2015. Data collected in one hospital in Ohio shown that accidents sustained from using smartphone while walking ranged from falling off bridges or walkways to walking across the road.

Smartphone is here to stay. It is important and valuable. However it can also ruin your life in other ways. So use your phone wisely.