Pokémon Go has turn out to be nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. With numerous players and a terrific level of media hype in a culture that is already electronically obsessed, most are worried about how exactly this augmented reality game could possibly have an effect on their relationships. Pokémon Go is reaching incredible heights as a great number of people catch pocket monsters with their smartphones. You may already know how the Pokemon Go has been bursting in trend globally from the time it was launched? Without a doubt, relationships have been reported to be ruined as most couples are struggling with boyfriends/girlfriends that are absolutely hooked onto the video game, and thus spending lesser time them.

Some users wished they never downloaded the game at all. One user reported how his girlfriend noticed his phone had records of him playing the game where his ex girlfriend lives. His wife saw that he caught a Pokémon while at his ex’s house, and since then hasn’t contacted him yet.

Regrettably though, as lots of news reports have pointed out, real-world Pokémon hunting is certainly not all fun and, as a number of dumdums have systematically wandered into some bad scenarios that range from murders to getting involved with really plain shitty people.

Pokémon Go: Danger or Inspiration?

Pokémon Go depends on the surrounding environment and is hence engaging in nature. It is not surprising that this game-meets-world situation has incited both positive and negative hype. The app has long been credited and blamed with the following: the discovery of dead bodies, kids and adults aimlessly walking into traffic, trespassing on private property, actively playing while driving and more.

Pokémon Go and Relationships

In addition to the polarizing positives and negatives, many people are still concerned about the consequences of this new app on relationships. One couple actually made a cheeky video about how Pokemon Go ruined their marriage, even while she and her husband enjoy the game together but she found out quickly that the game was gradually wielding a negative impact on their relationship. It even resulted to the end of the relationship.

How to Keep Pokémon Go from Ruining Your Relationship

Regardless of whether you are pro, against, unsure, or ambivalent about this, Pokémon Go or any kind of game like it ought not to ruin your relationship. In case you are worried about Pokémon Go negatively affecting your relationship, there are simple ways to manage the negative effects.

  • Without moving to end the relationship, just sit down first and talk with your spouse or partner, phones on silent.
  • have a discussion about how exactly his tardiness or her lack of concern for your relationship is impacting you. When they are an hour late returning home because they simply stopped by the park to catch Pokémons, that left you feeling really hurt at home.
  • communicates with your spouse about your needs of wanting to feel like you’re important, cherished, or how he can be available to you more often. Pokémon Go shouldn’t matters more than you, tell them you want to count and they should be there for you.
  • If the both of you are playing, or both of you are in agreement for one to keep playing, set some healthy boundaries around that. No trespassing to neighbor’s in the middle of the night or setting a timer on phone to get off because it’s time to pick me up.
  • Finally if the discussion above is too hard and you truly need a marriage counselor, go ahead.