For all the students out there, let’s face it together; school is starting in a fortnight. Some of the crazy enthusiasts are all pumped-up and excited for the upcoming semester, preparing themselves for the upcoming tests and exams while the rest of us are dreading school because of the mountains of unfinished homework and revision. So which type of student are you? Well, if you belong the latter, fret not, here are some tips for you to better prepare yourself for a less dreadful first day at school!


“Now! Now! Now!” These are the magic 3 words that you must constantly remember for the next 2 weeks before school reopens. I can totally understand how exceptionally lazy you may feel and would rather lay on your couch decaying, listening to Bruno Mars’ lazy song: “Today I don’t feel like doing anything~”.

  • However, you have to push evict these negative thoughts and stop procrastinating! Take out your revision lecture notes and tutorials that you have to complete and start “Now! Now! Now!”.
  • Do cater ample breaks to play your favourite computer games or surf the net in between your revisions to refuel yourself.
  • Alternatively, you can find a study buddy to keep both of you motivated.


Admit it. Most of us have stayed way past our usual bedtimes during the school holidays to play computer games or to hang out with friends. But it time for change! Schools typically starts at around 7.30am in the morning, and most of us have to wake up at about 6.00am, depending on where we stay. Here are some tips that you may find use to tweak your body clock back to normal.

  • Go to bed early and get up early!
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks (coffee, coke) as this may disrupt your sleep at night.
  • Cease all your computer gamings and television shows 1 hour before bedtime.

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So if you don’t want to see the discipline master for being late on the first day of school, heed my advice, you know what to do!


Before the new semester begins, all of us should sit down and think about our goals for the next year in school. Decide on what you want to achieve and the plan to achieve.

Here are some pointers for your consideration:

  • Are you going to focus on your Math or Sciences this semester? Or are you going to have greater commitment to your Co-Curriculum Activities (CCAs)? These are questions that you have to ask yourself when doing goal setting.
  • Be realistic with your goals! Make sure you adopt the SMART framework ( SMART- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely)
  • That being said, do take the next bold step out of your comfort zone. Dare and challenge yourself to set big goals and slowly towards it the next semester.

With that, I am pretty sure that you are ready for school! All the best for the new semester!