You know how mundane some party games can get if you repeatedly use the same old, trite forfeits. The crowd’s mood dies and what’s left is a desperate host and a group of unimpressed guests. As a host or an invited guest, none of us wish to have such a trying experience. So, for those of you who have ran out of ideas, you are in for a treat. Today, we will teach you the best ways to “punish” your friends.

1) BeanBozzled Jelly Beans

Credit: Picture from

Credit: Picture from

Jelly Beans are bean-shaped candies with a soft candy shell covering the interior gel. They come in a wide variety of flavors which most of us have probably tried before. However, do you know that Jelly Beans are also produced in very weird and wild types of flavors? These are the flavours no sane person would fathom tasting.

In a box of BeanBozzled Jelly Beans, you can find the familiar rainbow coloured Jelly Beans, but certain colours have somewhat disgusting flavors like Rotten Egg, Booger and Stinky Socks. EWWW, imagine chewing on smelly socks.

Here is your chance! Use this as a forfeit in your games. We recommend you to mix Jelly Beans of similar colours together, say a brown Jelly Belly Bean, which either tastes like Chocolate Pudding with Canned Food Dog, and ask the forfeited player to pick one. If lady luck is on his side, he’ll escape but if not…. “ Woof”

*evil laughter*

BeanBozzled Jelly beans can be ordered online or purchased from any Candylicious outlet at either Resort World Sentosa or Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

2) Embarrassment

Don’t deny it! We all know how hilarious it gets when our friends get all blushed while doing the forfeit. Put on your thinking cap and think of embarrassing forfeits beforehand that can put your friends on the spot. Here is an example that you may find it useful☺


Stand on a chair and act like a living statue, while others in the room arrange your pose. After doing so, you have to stay in that pose for at least 30 seconds as the rest stare at you awkwardly. The forfeit repeats if you were to laugh or move! So stay still!

*Be careful of your own safety! Feel free to do it on the ground if you think that this is safer.

3) Sweat Sweat Sweat

Nobody would want to go arrive at a party dressed to the nines and leave sweating like a pig. And so yes! Use this as a form forfeit to “punish” your players. What you can do is to introduce some challenging exercises like 30 push-ups or crunches. Alternatively, if you have the luxury of space, you can also ask the player to hop 2-3 rounds around the living room with their hands behind their back. These forfeits may not sound as easy as they sound to a lot of us who rarely exercise!

Ultimately, when you perform any forfeit, always remember that safety is of utmost importance. These forfeits we introduced are just for your own reference and should you find them inappropriate in any ways, feel free to modify them. In addition, it is imperative to consider your friends’ limits and should they feel uncomfortable, don’t force them or provide alternatives. Don’t forget: Understanding your crowd is just as important as working them.

Enjoy your forfeits and feel free to share your own unique forfeits below!