There are various interesting facts that you probably did not know about slugs and snails. Gardeners are said to shudder even on taking their names.

Wonderful and weird facts about these gastropods

  • Having the snail moved for about 20 meters away is likely to ensure that its chances to return back get diminished. This is because, snails tend to lose its bearings and its homing instincts are said to cover only short distances.
  • Besides the gardener, even dog owners are said to face severe problems with snails. Some snails are known to carry angiostrongylus vasorum. It is a parasite that can affect the breathing and heart rates of the dogs, causing fatalities.
  • Snails can cover about 1 metre / hour. This enables them to traverse the average garden area overnight!
  • If you plan to grow lettuce this season, then you should look for those which are slug resistant.
  • Dampness is what slugs and snails love to habitat. What you require to keep them away is dry weather.
  • Glow worm larvae is said to feed exclusively on snails and slugs. But, for the larvae to develop fully and enter into its adulthood stage, takes about two years! At this point, they are known to have just 2 to 3 weeks for reproducing before dying.
  • Besides damaging healthy plants, slugs mostly consume decomposing vegetation, thus making them to be the ecosystem’s vital part.
  • Slugs averaging 95% are noticed to go underground. They lay eggs, about 20 to 100 of them every year and multiple times! They nibble on roots and seeds.
  • Slug slime can be removed using vinegar. Also slug sprays can be used.
  • Snails do hibernate during winter months. But slugs can be found at any place where temperature is found over 5°C.
  • Slugs are considered to be hermaphrodites. They can self reproduce. When two snails mate, then both of them become pregnant!
  • The average garden contains more than 20,000 snails and slugs. You can come across a population of 200 slugs in just an area of a cubic metre!
  • Slugs can consume about 40 times of their weight in a single day! Also, they can stretch to about 20 times of their own length for squeezing through the narrow gaps!
  • A single slug can easily amass grandchildren totaling over 90,000!
  • They leave behind a unique scented trail, thus allowing them to identify their way back from where they belonged to!
  • Slugs can bite! They have 27,000 teeth approximately!
  • Snails may range from just few centimeters long to about 12” long. They can carry easily 10 times of their body weight!
  • Snails are found to be highly intolerant towards salt. If this stuff is sprinkled on them they are sure to die.
  • Majority of the snails do not prefer getting exposed to sunlight and are nocturnal.
  • Some snail and slug breeds have the capacity to consume more than 50 types of vegetation and plants.

The above are few of the amazing facts that you should know about snails and slugs.