The popularity of Teak Wood has not been a secret to anyone. The quality of the wooden furniture is often reaffirmed by the fact that it had been carved out of Teak Wood. Just like Suar Wood Singapore, Teak Wood is characterised as hardwood. However, a valuable question is, why has Teak Wood gained a reputation for being the premium standard for wooden furniture? The answer is quite straightforward, as just like Suar Wood, the wood grains of Teak Wood have a visually pleasing texture that is unique to them, and all in all, furniture carved out of Teak Wood simply looks stunning. On top of that, the durability of Teak Wood has lasted the test of time since ages.

The robust nature of Teak Wood makes for furniture that can last a couple of years without even the slightest hint of wear and tear. However, the features attributed to Teak Wood come along with a high price that has to be paid for them. With wood prices rising every year, furniture made out of Teak Wood isn’t expected to go any cheaper.

However, Suar, at the other hand, proves to be a more cost-effective alternative without making a significant compromise in quality. In fact, choosing Suar Wood for your furniture requirements is not a compromise at all. The natural finish, as well as the unique texture of the wood grains, make for elegant pieces of furniture that last for a considerably long period of time.