It is probably hard for a person to answer the title of this article. Most especially if you never had the chance of killing one. Thus, one thing is for sure. Murderers have their own reasons of why they made such kind of crime. Upbringing, experiences and culture may also factors that can be considered that contributes in killing a person. However, let us take a look at the scientific explanation of this tragic phenomenon that may happen to a person.

Murderers are said to be driven by sociopaths or psychopaths leading them to kill a person. This can be diagnosed through emotional vacuity, purposeless, lack of conscience and irrational and antisocial behaviour. They become literally fearless and thrill seekers. Thinking of the possibly punishment works rarely. That is because of being fearless of the consequence and impulsive in nature. Inability of having meaningful and fruitful relationships they see others to be food for exploitation and manipulation. There is one survey more men are often sociopaths as compare to women.

Psychopaths usually make world leaders and successful businessmen. That is why when they are devalued and experiences rejection and injustices, murder is just the natural choice for them.

4 factor contributes of creating psychopaths or sociopath according to the psychiatrist:

  • Having false-hearted parents who belittle a child privately when presenting publicly an image of “happy family”.
  • There are studies that show 60 percent of individuals having psychopathic experienced loss of parents.
  • Inconsistent discipline, example is if your father is strict and your mother is kind hearted. The child will learn to hate authority while manipulating others.
  • The child experienced deprivation of nurturing or love, broken family or absence of parents.

Tests show that nervous system of psychopath is remarkably different because they feel less anxiety and fear as compare to a normal person. They usually seek for the dangerous situations. When the psychopath genetically inherits this condition there is the development of disabilities. They show abnormality of the patterns of the brain wave. The psychopath’s brain matures when the psychopath ages. That is why most of the killers falls under 50. The abnormality of the brain wave comes in the limbic system and temporal lobes.

Is psychopath can be treated successfully? Psychiatrists said that there is NO treatment for this. Shock treatment for this health condition does not prove success in treating such condition. Psychotherapy is not also a help because it involves relationship and trust in the therapist. That is because they are not capable of sharing their feelings towards others. And they do not want to change.

Aside from the state of being psychopath there are also other factors that drive the person to a kill. That includes the abusive use of drugs, hatred or anger towards the person, pressures of life like poverty, heartaches and if somebody pay you for doing so. Whatever it may be it still against the law, it breaks the morality of humanity and most especially it is a sin in the eyes of God.