This fall, many couples are planning to have their weddings in a rustic style. Rustic themed weddings have an organic, earthy, and romantic atmosphere. A rustic wedding can take place at a farmhouse, or in an upscale lounge in the city, but it will always fit into your budget.

A rustic wedding provides the opportunity to do many of the decorations yourself, saving you some money that would have gone into a party decorator’s purse. You can even use some of the things in your house. And to make it more surreal, you can add beautiful rustic bouquets of flowers here and there to make it more beautiful. Here are some great ideas to make your rustic wedding fantastic.

Lighting is one of the best ways to make your rustic wedding unique. Whether your wedding is happening in a barn or a loft, or beside a lake, a dark venue will dampen the fantastic mood of the occasion. One of the best styles of lighting is to use lanterns. Get beautiful lanterns and fill them with pillar candles of your wedding colors. You can hang thelanterns from rafters or poles, or they can be arranged in a beautiful setting around the seats. You can also create a beautiful theme by arranging round glass candle holders on the dance floor.

Flowers are an indispensable part of any wedding, and they make a rustic wedding venue fantastic. Thereare many varieties of flowers you can choose from. You can select traditional flowers such as orchids, roses, tulips, and lilies. For the best effect, you can use casual blossoms like sunflowers, Craspedia, dahlias, mums etc. Beautiful rustic bouquets arrangements with a country feel like tying up bouquets with raffia, or gingham check ribbon are also ideal. You can also use rustic vessels to display your flowers. Some great ideas are to use wooden boxes, tin-pails, carved out pumpkin as centerpieces to display flowers at the wedding venue.

You can also decorate the aisle with an aisle runner-decorated in the colors of your wedding dress. On the runner, you can place baskets with beautiful rustic bouquets of seasonal flowers at intervals to create a beautiful and romantic aura. Decorate the aisle with carved out pumpkins or gourds filled with scented candles.

Wreaths also make for a beautiful rustic wedding. You can create wreaths with everyday materials in the home. A wreath made from raffia or wheat can be tied at the entrance of the venue. You can also make small wreaths from dried flowers and scented herbs and hang it around the venue and on the center table as well as the couple’s table chairs. This will fill the atmosphere with a romantic scent, and also make it beautiful.

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