Ants are typically a great problem inside and outside of the house. It is advisable to do something once you see the first ants around your house. Below are a few tips to get rid of them before your turn to the professionals.

  1. Kill ants with food-grade Diatomaceous Earth
    You probably haven’t heard of diatomaceous Earth, it a white powder that isn’t harmful to pets and little children. Diatomaceous earth contains the fossilized remains of sea phytoplankton. It sticks to the exoskeleton of the ants and cause them to instantly get dried. The diatomaceous can also cut up the exoskeleton of the ants. Even though this powder seems highly scientific you can easily purchased it in online stores.
  1. Liquid Ant Baits
    Liquid ant bait is an efficient and inexpensive ant killer. These baits are meant to draw in the majority of foraging household ants. As soon as the liquid bait is taken by the ants, the active substance will gradually impair their digestive system and kill them. The bait was made that way so as to get rid of other ants you don’t see.
  1. Use lemon water to drive ants away
    Lemon water is also a powerful substance used to do away with ants. Mix up some lemon juice with water and apply it at the spot plagued by the ant invasion. You will have to do that several times daily to guarantee the effectiveness of this all-natural remedy.
  1. Make use of vinegar to block ant’s path
    Vinegar often works effectively for most types of pest problems. Thankfully, it is also highly effective for getting rid of ants. Similar to just what you do with the lemon juice mixture, mix some vinegar with water and apply the resulting solution around the ant’s path. The powerful scent of the vinegar will get rid of the ants completely within a short while.
  1. Dish soap is dangerous for ants
    Dish soaps and dish detergents are dangerous to ants because a great deal of the chemical substances they contain can easily burn shielding layers of the ant’s exoskeleton which in the long run result in dehydration for the ants. When using this technique, you will mix some dish soap with water and spray the resulting solution at the access areas of the ant path.
  1. Cayenne pepper for ant defense
    Ants dislike cayenne pepper. Black pepper works equally well too. There are several approaches to using cayenne pepper to do away with ants. To start with if you happen to locate the source of ant infestation problem, splash some pepper around that area and possibly, make a wall that can stop the ants from getting into your house.

The perfect natural method to eliminating all sorts of ants is to simply reduce the chances of them coming in the first place. Similar to any pests, ants are drawn to specific things and behaviors. Hence you must know what they are drawn to and keep those things safe and away from the