Singapore, SG – Ashley Summer launches a new line of bralettes in Singapore and at the same time, launched an ASOS Marketplace and Lazada store to showcase more of her products to the international market.

Ashley Summer wants to empower women through a curated collection of raw luxury. Customers are impressed with how each product has been carefully designed and the materials used have the women’s comfort in mind. Gina, one of Ashley’s regular customers love the bralettes design and fabric. “I am very picky when it comes to my lingerie and Ashley Summer has definitely hit the spot for me. I love the design, the fabric and everything else with the bralette. Most importantly, I love the fact that I can feel sexy but still be comfortable with what I am wearing. I have already asked a few friends to try and they love it too!”

Ashley Summer does not want the women of today to lose their femininity while they try to dominate the industries that they are in. Though they wear power suits and outfits that demand authority, they knew that these women still embrace their feminine side. This is why Ashley Summer decided to launch a new line of bralettes to fit the purpose that they have in mind. The new line of silk and lace padded bralettes in Singapore are handcrafted by skilled artisans using high-quality hand-picked fabrics. The company does not compromise their quality and still makes sure that the women wearing it will feel comfortable while having the right amount of support they need.

Wanting to reach a wider audience, Ashley Summer has also recently launched an ASOS Marketplace and Lazada store to sell the premium handmade bralettes in Singapore and other products such as their rattan bags, leather shoes and bamboo clutches. They still continue to imbibe a curated collective feel even on their ASOS Marketplace and Lazada store which is why customers will still feel the Ashley Summer trademark. This shopping website wants customers to understand that owning an Ashley Summer item is not just adding a piece to their outfit, rather it’s part of their lifestyle.

Ashley Summer is located in Singapore. The website, can be found at and features the different products they have. Contact them via email at with queries. Ashley Summer wants women to continue to feel like empowered women and, at the same time, be comfortable with what they are wearing.