Owing a house sometimes can become a cumbersome task because other than creating a house for comfort and relaxation, there are other duties too that is to be performed. There are tasks that every owner has to perform in order to maintain the beauty and quality of his house. Maintaining a house is a huge responsibility, where all the duties of maintenance are bound to be performed step by step so that the working of the house is proper and hassle free.

For example, if cleaning of the house is to be done, then proper cleaning and mopping materials are required so that the house is sparkling white and germ free. You need to check for wall breaks, leakages, stock for food, bacteria and viruses so that you have a happy life in a happy house.

Modernisation has changed the standard of living and home decor by manifolds, and people these days love to decorate their house in teak woods. But the major problem with teak woods is the breeding of pests. Present day hassles of owning a house is pests which not only affect the health and hygiene of your house but can also spoil your furniture, couches, carpets and much more. These pests are like scavengers who feed upon your furniture and live their life, multiply there and cause wide scale destruction.

These pests when come into the human knowledge should be treated and destroyed as soon as possible. Some of the common ways for pest control are:

1) Treating and filling up the cracks

The very initial method of spotting pests is cracks in furniture, doors and walls. The best way to stop the further destruction by such pests can be filling up the cracks of the walls and doors. When these cracks are sealed, the pest cannot breed because of insufficient oxygen and therefore they die. This is the easiest way to control pest and also imparts a clean look to the house.

2) Herbs

Many a times, herbs and naturally available pest control solutions can be used by home owners to treat the recurring problem of pests. These herbs kill the entire pest and stop the further spreading of these irritating insects.

3) Vacuum

Vacuumed can help get rid from the pests and bed bugs from beds and carpets. Vacuuming sucks all the dirt and debris along with the pests that remain stick to the fibers of the cloth. This method can be used on everyday basis also.

4) Kerosene oil

When pests are hidden inside cracks and cannot be controlled, then kerosene oil can be used to kill the pests, by pouring oil and burning the pest affected area. This remedy is possible only when the entire furniture or item has been eaten up completely.

5) Steam and heat

This method also serves as one of the easiest and best way to get rid of the pests, where heat and steam can kill the pest and stop the further breeding by destroying eggs and other form of pests.


The problem of pest infestation is common with most occurring in and around residential areas. A variety of pests varying from rats, snakes, bats; cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites, ants, spiders and many more such unwanted guests seek refuge in households causing great threat to human health. Ignoring the warning signals of the presence of pests at home is detrimental.

Prevention is the best measure to adopt when it comes to pests. However, in spite of all efforts at times it might be a tad difficult to totally prevent pests. In such cases approaching residential pest control services to eradicate pests might be the best way to handle this problem.

Nowadays apart from the conventional method of chemical insecticide sprays, there are a number of green options available to control residential pests viz.

  • Maintain proper hygiene, good sanitation, regular cleaning and dusting to keep off pests from infiltrating into homes.
  • Fix meshed screens on windows and doors to prevent entry of pests
  • Clear debris and rot around gardens, garage and attic as pests love to hole up in such secluded areas
  • Water must never be allowed to stagnate as mosquitoes thrive in such water
  • Make use of pesticides made from natural sources such as plant oils

Professional companies involved in the process of residential pest control services make use of the latest know-how in line with the given guidelines as per health and safety regulations. Toxicity levels in the sprays and chemicals used by them are monitored thoroughly to ensure that it does no harm to human beings.