Singapore’s half a centenarian! Did you know there are whole lots of events lined up specifically for the celebration of our golden jubilee?

-Awkward Silence-

Oh well, you are not alone.

As we all remember, Singapore’s journey to first-world status was a tumultuous one. We were faced with many setbacks and challenges, but we never gave up. We united as one people, one nation, work hard together to build the nation we have today. Which is why, this year’s SG50 revolves around the theme: Celebrate as One People.

Apart from the approaching Chingay 2015 and National Day parades, we will share with all of you some of the key highlights you cannot miss out on as we commemorate Singapore’s 50th year of independence.

Here are some of the main highlights for SG 50:

1) Portraits of the People

A new art connector walkway which links City hall to the National Gallery will be completed at the end of this year. What’s so unique about the connector? Singaporeans can have their portraits permanently displayed along walkway. So, just imagine yourself walking through the walkway as you admire your own portrait, how amazing is it?

Visit for more details on how to contribute your own portrait to the walkway!

2) Jubilee Walk

Like a mini-Walkathon, Jubilee walk is an 8km walking trail suitable for everyone including kids who want to know more about Singapore’s historic locations around the heartlands and the Marina Bay area. Don’t worry, the trail is not just a boring mundane walk from one destination to another. You will get the chance to discover things about Singapore which you never knew. In addition, spaces along the jubilee walk will also be created for public events and special performances so to attract Singaporeans to the civic area. No, you don’t have to be as fit as a fiddle to endure through the walk. This walk through our Garden City is but a walk in the park!

3) Forward it!

We can never be more grateful to our pioneers who have slogged and sacrificed much to build the Singapore we have today. So, for this year’s SG50, Forward it! campaign aims to raise 50,000 cups of coffee to express our sincere gratitude towards the pioneer generation. How the campaign works: for every cup of coffee that you purchase, they will match it up with another cup so that twice the pioneers can feel the love:) So what are you waiting for? Go show your love today!

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4) Treasure SG

Are you ready for some treasure hunting around Singapore? Every month, “treasures” will be dropped at different parts of Singapore and treasure hunters will have to follow closely to clues released on Treasure SG Facebook & Instagram. Once hunters break the clue and get hold of the “lost treasure”, they can claim a prize once they submit a selfie of themselves with the “treasure” to the organizing committee.

For more information:

5) SGEatwithus

For all the gourmets and gluttons out there, SGEatwithus is one campaign that you cannot miss. There will be pop-up food carnivals set up at various locations for residents to come together and share their home-cooked dishes with the community. Who knows? If you get lucky, they may be willing to reveal their secret recipes for free!

See! There are so many events that we can look forward to this year for SG50. Hop on the bandwagon and do not miss out!

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