In the blink of an eye, 2017 is already ending! But upon the arrival of 2018, comes with it the making of New Year’s resolutions. No doubt some may argue a New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one yEAR (GET IT?) and out the other, here are 5 habits to cultivate in 2018:

1. Have A Savings Plan

Find yourself broke at the end of the month? It is clearly an indication that it is time for you to save! Our credit and ATM cards have brought us so much convenience in our daily lives.

However, without some self-discipline and restraint, we may turn into compulsive spenders. So for all the avid shoppers out there, here is what you can do:

  • Open up a new saving account and leave at least 5% of your monthly salary untouched.
  • Withdraw a lump sum of money that you deem sufficient on a weekly basis and leave your ATM card at home.

This way, you will be spending within your limits with some to spare.

2. Start living healthy!

Some of us lead such sedentary lifestyles that we don’t bother exercising or eating healthily. It is only a matter of time that our weight burgeons and the only way we grow is side-ways. So what should you do?

  • Exercise at least 150 minutes every week to keep yourself fit and healthy. 150 minutes might seem dreadfully long at first glance, but you can split it into 5 sessions (Mon- Fri) of 30 minutes each.
  • For those who are looking at burning calories, why not try running!
  • There are many upcoming runs in 2018, challenge yourself with a 5km run first and work your way up to a full-marathon!
  • For more details on the upcoming runs, visit this website:

3. Keep Your Phones Away

Are you a slave to your phone? If the answer is yes, it is time to make a change today! Make it a point to keep your phones off the table while you are having a meal with family and friends. Switch it off or at least switch it to Silent Mode. Based on research :

  • The average user reaches for their phone at 7:31am in the morning
  • These users check personal emails and Facebook before they get out of bed
  • And many of us pick up our phones more than 1,500 times each week
  • Average owners use their phone for three hours and sixteen minutes a day

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4. Be Punctual

The ease of communication provided by mobile phones has diluted the obligation of being punctual. When one is late, the easy solution is to simply drop an apologetic message to your date. While it does not do anything to appease the waiting party, it appears less of a crime to be late. For this New Year, it’s time to be punctual for your dates!

5. Weekly Family Dinner Date

We all know time is precious, so spend it with those that truly count. Make it a habit to have a weekly meal with your parents, while you may not realise, what’s truly important to them is your company.

HABIT never goes
If you remove H,
A-BIT remains.
If you remove A
BIT remains and
IF u remove B
It still remains.

Start cultivating these habits today!