How do you celebrate your birthday? Watching a movie? A simple house gathering?

What if I tell you that there is actually so much more you can do apart from the usual cake cutting or meal gathering at a hippy café?

Well, if you are planning for someone’s upcoming birthday celebration, forget about surprising the birthday boy/girl at their doorstep. This year, try surprising him/her with some of these extraordinary and novel activities in Singapore instead!

1) Laser Clay Singapore

I personally have never tried this before but this the laser sport has been generating numerous awesome reviews from the public and from friends and family alike. Using realistic laser shotguns, which emit a “bang” whenever fired, you aim at flying targets and try to shoot them down (obviously you can’t). With every successful hit, you’ll hear the breaking of the clay.

Compete with the birthday boy/girl your score and see who can earn the title of a “Sharpshooter” at the end of the day!


2) Combat Skirmish

Combat skirmish also uses laser weapons, but this time, you play against your friends and accomplish certain missions. Ultimately, you’ll need to clear out the opponent’s team to claim victory. Don’t worry, combat skirmish is very safe, you wouldn’t even feel a pinch when you get hit by the enemy.

Do you know that they are also mobile? In other words, they bring the game to your doorstep! If your condominium or the park near your place has got sufficient space, you can just play it there!


3) Solve The Mystery

I wonder if I am just “laggy”, but for the past year, there has been a number of similar escape games sprouting throughout Singapore. So if you are still unaware, do try out Xscape Singapore as it challenges your intelligence to solve a series of puzzles or mysteries within a time limit (usually an hour) to win the game.

What if you are stuck and have no idea how to move forward? Don’t worry, you can actually ask for hints from the friendly staff members.

So put on your thinking caps and transform into Detective Konan and Sherlock Holmes for the hour, as you break a new case this birthday celebration with your friends.

Just a word of advice, be careful when you are playing with their props, I had to pay $20 penalty for a broken wand during my last trip.

P.S. I have already managed to solve 2 of their games!


4) Indoor Trampoline Park

No matter rain or shine, you’ll get your trampoline from now on.

Singapore’s very first indoor trampoline park has an area of 5,000 square feet of interconnected trampolines. Trampoline jumping is a rigorous workout and it is best that you warm-up and stretch before you start. Inevitably, there are inherent risks from the sport and thus, it is important for you to read up on the safety regulations to prevent yourself getting injured.


5) The Mind’s Café

You’ll be shocked by the vast collection of board games the café has. Apart from the usual Monopoly and Uno that we all know, the café also owns unusual and foreign board games like Anti-Monopoly and Chicken Cha Cha Cha.

If you are hungry half way through gaming, try out some of their western delights like pastas or burgers. In my opinion, standard of the food varies from outlet to outlet, so do prepare to get disappointed!


So start rethinking those birthday celebrations right now; cancel that movie outing and try out our recommendations instead! I can assure you that you’ll have the most enjoyable, unique and memorable birthday celebration ever. Peace.