Winter Weddings can be absolutely magical, as well as far more affordable than summer ones, provided you ensure to accommodate your guests and ramp up the cosy and comfort factor. After all, the last thing you want on your big day is to cause your guests to get cold feet.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to create comfort, raise the temperature and as well decorate a winter wedding space to look and give the impression of warmth and light. And here are just three of the best.

Outdoor Winter Weddings

Throwing an amazing outdoor winter wedding is not only doable in England, but a truly unique and magical means of saying ‘I do’. The trick to throwing the perfect winter wonderland wedding is to first and foremost see to it that you guests have their every convenience and whim catered for. And this means providing warmth, facilities, food and drink.

Whilst all weddings usually involve catering and that covers the issue of keeping your guests watered and fed, at an outdoor wedding or one held in a less traditional or kitted out venue (such as a barn), you will need to add to your budget and wedding list the addition of facilities and a viable means of keeping guests toasty, especially come the evening.

Of course, you could just opt to provide standard festival-style portaloos and invest in a smattering of patio heaters. Alternatively, and to furnish your big day with something truly special though, you could hire bespoke event washroom facilities provided by aptly named Event Washrooms which come complete with spacious cubicles and washroom areas featuring real sinks, mirrors and even art work and turn up the heat by also budgeting for some romantic and ambient hireable fire pits like those provided via Fire Pits UK.

Lighting up a Winter Wonderland

Whilst many opt couples in 2016 opt to hire and create personal messages made up of light up letting like that provided by Light It Up UK, summer nights don’t exactly provide the perfect conditions for such decorations. Rather, light up lettering in particular shines brightest on the darkest of nights and this means during winter ones. Then, it is as such a brilliantly illuminating and visually awing as well as symbolic way to spell out your sentiments of love for all to see and get starry eyes over.

Better yet, couple light up lettering with hired fire pits to create an amazing and truly magical ambience for an evening winter after do that won’t just make the most of the fact it isn’t summer, but will also keep your guests warm, toasty and light up their faces quite literally.

A Christmas Winter Wedding Special Touch

For those opting to hold their big day near to or during in the festive season, the scope to capitalise on this is almost limitless and consequently, so too are the special touches available to you.

First and foremost, Christmas provides the perfect theme with a Christmas tree acting as the perfect centre piece or wow factor. For those wanting to really draw attention to the festivities of Christmas and blend the magic of their big day with that of Christmas, one really special touch would be to rent a living Christmas tree via the likes of Forever Green Christmas and gift a bauble to each of your guests which they can literally pick from the tree themselves. Not only does this save you the job of tidying up the tree ahead of returning it, renting a tree from an eco-friendly outfit such as Forever Green Christmas also negates the need to fell and so kill a live tree or make-do with a fake tree on your big day.

For more festive and fun as well as tasty and tasteful ideas when throwing a Christmas themed wedding, head over to the Wedding Ideas Mag website.