Toying with whether to invest in a mattress topper or perhaps even thinking of replacing your existing mattress, or using mattress protectors? If the answer is yes or even just maybe, before hitting the shops give these 3 reasons to buy a mattress topper a read first. After all, it could just save you a fair bit of money as well as make for a better night’s sleep.

  1. Dream of Sleeping as Snug as a Bug?
    Most commonly made to be between 4 and 8 inches thick and of common bedding and duvet materials such as feather, down, microfibre or memory foam, a mattress topper is less substantial than a mattress and slept on top of rather than under like a duvet. Its primary and pretty much only job is provide a person or couple with an additional layer of support, comfort and cushioning.Then, and whatever kind of mattress topper you opt to invest in, for those renting furnished accommodation and who consequently and quite literally have to like it or lump the mattress they get stuck with as well as those with many beds to have to furnish with mattresses and too those on a tighter budget or trying to save some money, a mattress topper is a an invaluable investment to make.

    Because different types of mattress toppers offer differing levels of warmth, comfort and value for money, before giving one a go and to ensure you buy the right one though, first give The Complete Guide to Buying a Mattress Topper featured on Ebay a read.

  1. Replacing a Mattress vs. Rescuing a Mattress
    Whilst mattress sales people and companies advise replacing a mattress every eight years this is not always possible. Mattresses are, after all, not cheap. Further, in any instance in which it is a person or company trying to sell you a product that they just so happen to sell, it is worth taking a moment to assess the situation. This is especially true as many of us find a mattress we like and after eight years still like it and find it comfortable. Then, replacing a mattress just because of its age rather than for any actual reason, such as it having become stained or uncomfortable, is not just illogical but expensive.Rather, and with high quality microfibre, feather and memory foam toppers starting at as little as £14 (to quote the prices provided via major UK bedding suppliers, and their own prices), ahead of cracking open the piggy bank or postponing booking that much needed holiday,  take a moment to consider whether an older or less comfortable mattress really does need replacing or whether it might yet be possible to rescue and restore it…and potentially all for less than twenty quid.
  1. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!
    Mattresses can play host to all manner of nasties from the fairly innocuous such as toast crumbs to potential allergens such as pet dander to the downright nightmarish such as colonies of blood sucking bed bugs. Further, the bad news does not end with bed bugs, which are relatively avoidable; mattresses are also susceptible to housing fungal spores, dust (and with it dust mite), dead skin and bodily fluids.One way to try and ensure you are sharing your bed with as few of these nasties as possible  is to regularly change your sheets, turn your mattress and air your bedroom by opening the windows.  Another super easy way to keep a mattress like new is to simply cover it. Then, you could of course opt to cover a mattress with a traditional protector, but when buying a mattress topper costs little more and yet provides oodles more in terms of comfort, it makes far more sense to purchase the latter.

For more interesting and albeit some rather unsettling facts about your mattress (and what in all likelihood lives within it) head over to the Mattress Inquirer website and give their article:  10 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Mattresses a read. Probably best not to make this article your bed time reading though.