Ears are vital parts of the body gracing individuals the ability to hear different sounds in their environment. Without this hearing capability, individuals will probably not appreciate life. It is therefore vital to keep the ears clean. However, the real problem in this routine is that cleaning the ears is done the wrong way. Cleaning the ears using cotton buds is common, however this has been found out to be a common mistake that individuals are doing until now.

Cleaning the ears with cotton buds has been one social practice taken by many different individuals all over the world. You are probably told by your parents to clean your ears using cotton buds. You followed you parents’ order without even realizing the dangers of doing so.

But why is using cotton buds is exactly bad for you? The following can somehow reveal the reasons why:

  • Cleaning your Ears Using  Cotton Buds Can Disrupt the  Ears’ Natural Cleaning System
    There should not be the need to clean the ears using cotton buds because your ears are actually self-cleaning. The skin in the ears appears like conveyor belt. This travels along the ear canal from the ear bringing debris inside the ear. If you use cotton buds to clean your ears, then you will be disrupting its natural cleaning system.
  • The Dangers of Sticking Cotton Buds in  the Ear is Real
    The risks of sticking cotton buds or swabs in the ear are real and there are actually more damages that you may incur. You might be trying to get the dirt out but you are actually digging it deeper in there. This can plug the ear canal and make individuals feel itchy, stuffy and can affect your hearing. If ear canal is blocked completely with wax or cotton, you can possibly acquire tinnitus.
  • Earwax is More Useful
    The truth is that earwax has many beneficial functions apart from being gross. This has amazing antibacterial properties that help get rid of infections. This also functions as insect repellent to keep small insects out of the ear. Earwax also helps in lubricating ear canal that prevents itchy and dry skin.
  • Cotton Buds Can Damage the Eardrum
    Using cotton buds to clean the ears can be dangerous. When foreign objects are forced into the ear canal, then you are pressing out most earwax against your eardrum. This can rupture and damage the eardrum and can possibly result to hearing loss. Eardrum is ultimately delicate and this can be ruptured easily if cotton buds will be pushed too deep. There are also instances that when cleaning the ears, somebody comes close and hit your ear. Such instance can result to ear canal trauma which can result to bleeding and serious hearing problems.

With these given reasons, you now probably realized that cleaning the ears using cotton buds is not really a good idea. You can just rely on the ears’ natural cleaning system or talk to your doctor about the best and safest way to clean your ears.