Mussels are a particular type of clam with flesh that has mild and salty flavor. Mussels are decadent and healthful addition into your diet. These are versatile in kitchen and also work perfectly in soups, salads and even pasta toppings. Mussels contain low mercury making these foods safe for consumption even for kids and for pregnant women. Eating mussels also deliver immense health benefits that individuals will surely appreciate and enjoy.

The health benefits of mussels are as follows:

  • Increased Protein Intake
    One of the healthy benefits of mussels is increased intake of protein. This helps in maintaining the ideal function of each cell in the body. Some of these proteins provide strong structural support in order to maintain the proper shape of cells. Dietary proteins also offers a good source of amino acids which are the vital nutrients required by the body to make this. Every one cup mussel serving contains about 18 grams of protein and about 30% of day to day protein requirements.
  • Support Protein Functions
    Mussels also deliver health benefits because of their healthy selenium content. Selenium is an essential mineral which helps in supporting protein functions. One type of enzyme known as selenoproteins relies on selenium presence when regulating its activity. Having enough selenium allows the enzyme to carry out wide range of functions regulate levels of thyroid hormone.
  • Healthy Heart
    Having low saturated fat content but rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, mussels promote a healthy heart. Based on research, Omega 3 fatty acids that are specifically present in shellfish and fishes deliver cardio-protective benefits. These unsaturated and healthy fatty acids reduces the risk of having abnormal heartbeats and also fat and triglyceride levels on the bloodstream which further minimize the risk of heart disease or heart attack or worst, sudden death.
  • Effective Arthritis  Treatment
    Studies revealed that those who follow a diet compose of green lipped mussels have minimal arthritis incidents. This has been proven to be highly effective in treating osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Joint Pain Relief
    Mussels, particularly the green mussels are loaded with essential nutrients like betain, iron and also glycosaminoglycans like chondroitin sulfate. These essential substances certainly contribute to relieving joint stiffness and joint pain.
  • Help Your Circulatory System
    Consuming green lipped mussels regularly helps in reducing the risk of heart attack and also circulatory problems. Mussels also facilitate in ensuring healthy circulation to the muscles and the vital organs by means of strengthening arterials walls and enhancing blood flow.
  • Promote Teeth and  Bone Health
    Consuming mussels promotes effective structural strengthening of bones and teeth. These also offer the needed support into the surrounding areas.
  • Boost Immune System
    Eating mussels improve a person’s resistance to bacterial and viral infection. These also improve healing of wounds as well as accelerating and intensifying antibodies formation.

These are just few of the many benefits of mussels. Other benefits include improving nerve functions all throughout your body, improving fertility, preventing anemia, weight management and many more. With all these amazing benefits given, adding mussels in your die really make sense.