I have been a lazy ass for almost my entire teenage life. After 18 years of totally sedentary lifestyle, I decided to subscribe to a boxing gym and get back in shape. You won’t believe what happened in my first training session.

After sixty eternal minutes of surreal pain and fatigue, I was trying to jump the rope and I stepped on it, falling badly on my face and breaking it. As the most classic episodes of Mr. Bean, I went to the locker room with a very dark face and while I was taking out my bag from the locker I discovered that my body soap had opened inside. As if this was not enough, before heading out, I furiously closed the zip of my tote bag and broke it.

While I was walking back home there was only one though in my mind: throwing everything in the bin and giving up forever on boxing. Then, my dear friend talked to me about Superble, a new website where people talked about products they loved. He suggested me to take a look there for new products, read through a bunch, send out a few questions to the community and come back all geared up for the next training.

I went back home and forgot about it.

Only a few days later, while I was searching on a US online shopping site for a new rice cooker what my friend told me that day came back to me. I was having troubles finding a good rice cooker, me being a single man living abroad on a budget (I couldn’t afford a restaurant every evening, neither was I able to cook much more than pasta and grilled steak).

So, I quickly opened a new tab and landed on Superble.

At first sight, it immediately made a good impression on me. The pictures were clear and the products that were available all seemed very well curated. I was not impressed yet, so I went ahead and searched for rice cookers and I received back a few results (the usual suspect, most of the products I saw them already on the US online shopping site and other e-commerce websites).

I opened a couple of products and then I realized the key difference: on the product page, there were people talking about the rice cookers. I am not talking about sellers or anonymous customers, I am referring to real people with real pictures and names. And they were all eloquently sharing their opinion about the products.

I loved the idea and the insights that I could get out of my experience. I even went further and asked a couple of questions myself.

That’s when I was prompted to subscribe and I figured out what else Superble was preparing for me. Right after I submitted my personal details, I was asked to pick the topics that I was most interested about. I picked a bunch, hit the submit button and jumped directly on my personalized home feed.

Lots of running shoes, cycling gear, pets’ accessories and cameras populated my home feed.

My experience got suddenly a lot more enticing. I could find a lot of interesting articles about how to buy the right camera, how to take amazing selfies, the most severe problems of every Rottweiler and some great tips to buy the right bike.

I was sold and, after a few minutes browsing, I stumbled upon a bunch of products for boxing. Needless to say, it took me just a few more minutes to identify a couple of products that I really liked and seemed very well appreciated by the community of boxing fans that were commenting on them. These products were also offered in the US online shopping site, so I went ahead and selected the relative buying option.

One week later I was back in the gym, jumping, falling and getting back up. 2 months from that day I am in a much better shape and I am still using the products that I originally found on Superble. I am really grateful to all those people that helped me with their comments and so, from time to time, I try to return the favour by recommending them some other great products that I know of.

On Superble, I can talk about any product I want. As long as I share my thoughts on something that I like or don’t like, the community members appreciate my effort and participate in the conversation. The cool part is that I often end up talking with people who have very similar interests to mine, so our discussion always goes with the flow.

I accumulated already more than 10K points, which equals to 1K dollars. That’s a lot of money considering that all I had to do was to recommend products to others and help them with their questions.

The real jump happened when I published my first article though. Since I had already uploaded more than 20 products on the platform, mostly in fitness, I then decided to write a piece about running on the treadmill. The article helped me to boost my views, so more people found my product recommendations, and ultimately purchased those products.

I strongly suggest everyone to try Superble and use it every time they want to buy something or they are just interested about knowing more on a specific subject. The social effect brings enormous benefit to the discovery process, making it more fun and genuine.