Here are three unique health spa treatments that are all available within the UK.

  1. Holmer Park Serail Mud Chamber
    Winner of a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, Holmer Park Spa and Health Club is located in Herefordand operates on the novel ethos that clients book ‘time not treatments’. This means that those who book into Holmer Park needn’t pre-plan their treatments but can explore and decide what they’d like to try once there. This approach to running a health spa encourages a relaxed atmosphere. It’s only a shame more spas don’t take note and implement it.One treatment nobody visiting Holmer Park though should miss out on is of course their signature treatment: the Holmer Park Serail Mud treatment which does wonders for a person’s complexion, helping to reinvigorate, re-moisturise and replenish their skin. What makes the Serail Mud treatmenteven more restorative and relaxing is that it is a wonderfully social experience, or can be; guests are invited and encouraged to bring along a partner or friend perhaps and to enjoy the chamber together.

    Then, for a fantastically unique and healthy way to fit in both some pampering this winter and as well catch up with a friend or make time for you and your partner, head over to the Holmer Park website and whilst there make a point of checking out their Serail Mud Chamber treatment.

  1. The Titanic Heat and Ice Experience
    World Luxury Spa Award’s Winner in both the Luxury Eco Spa and Luxury Destination Spa categories in 2016, Titanic Spa is also the UK’s first eco-spa. Situated in the rural Yorkshire and offering views of the stunning pennies, the spa is as awe-inspiring inside as out.Of its wealth of eco-orientated treatments, one guests should definitely make time for is the Titanic Spa Heat and Ice Experience. The Heat and Ice Experience offered at Titanic Spa was inspired by the age old tradition here in the UK of enjoying both steam and (separately of course) ice baths. What makes the Titanic Spa steam bath experience so unique is that the steam bath is not just a matter of enjoying a short stint in a steam room or sauna.

    The Titanic Spa pridesitselfon its choice of steam rooms. Of them, their most unique and new addition is their Herbal Infusion Room which was ‘designed to provide the warmth of a traditional steam bath coupled with the benefits of natural herbs and essential oils, sit back and relax whilst gently inhaling the aromas of pine, lavender and eucalyptus to aid breathing and invigorate the spirit’. Hence, this is definitely not a treatment to miss out on.

    Meanwhile, the ice element of the Titanic experience derives from the Spa’s own Ice room and Experience Showers which provide a ‘multisensory experience’ with setting such as tropical rain to the somewhat more intense ‘ice rain’ setting.

  1. An Aqua Thermal Journey
    The North of England being surrounded by much of the country’s most stunning natural scenery and as well significantly less populated than the south, it is perhaps not so much of a surprise that this and the third offering is another northern one: The Spa Hotel at Ribby Hallin Lancashire, specifically.Ribby Hall, like most spas offers numerous treatments, all of which are provided by their professional team and well worth exploring in more detail, which you can do by visiting the The Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall website. To experience something extra special whilst there though, book in for an Aqua Thermal Journey Spa Day. Unlike many spa treatments which place a specific and focused emphasis on restoring the body or aspects of it, the Aqua Thermal Journey aims to restore a person’s spirit to and provide a real experience for body and soul.

    As part of the journey, guests will enjoy and experience the full range of sauna, steam and aroma rooms at Ribby Hall. What sets this treatment apart from other similar sauna and steam room experiences provided by other UK spas though is the addition of their Balinese Salt Inhalation Room and brand New (and rather magical) Zen Garden – both of which you can learn more about via the Ribby Hall Aqua Thermal Journey section of their website.