1. The Mama Shop


Photo credits: missionsgcafes

Okay, are you ready to be star-struck? Two actresses, Felicia Chin and Sora Ma, opened this retro-themed café, The Mama Shop. So if you see any of them in the shop, maintain your composure and be cool. It’s no big deal. From its rustic furniture to the parquet flooring, the shop exuded a classic yet nostalgic vibe.

If you are looking for something light yet enjoyable, try out the Mama Quiche ($4.90) accompanied by Wheel Crackers, an old school tidbit that we used to pass around in class during lessons those days. The Mama Quiche was slightly dry but I love the crispiness of the crust and that it wasn’t too oily.

It’s location is relatively “ulu”; with the nearest MRT station being Chinatown, you will still have to walk a distance before reaching the café. Take it as a short workout and burn those calories before indulging in a good meal!

I am sure that as you enjoy your meal and the café’s ambience, you’ll also feel like a child again as you take a trip down the memory lane!

Location: 195 Pearl Hill Terrace Singapore 168976
Nearest MRT line: Chinatown

2. Superhero Concept Café



Photo credits: missionsgcafes

I can guarantee that no other Cafés will be as safe as this one: the Superhero concept café! For all the friends out there who are also superheroes fanatics and comic book geeks, this is your Fortress of Solitude!

When I was there, I was amazed by the variety of superheroes collections on display. From clothes to toys, wallets and other merchandise, this shop has it all. Staff members were also dressed in superhero costumes, perpetuating the superhero theme. Guests are also invited to play around with some of the Superheroes’ most powerful weapons like Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield, so do handle them with extra care!

One of their hot favourites is the Battle Hunger Bento ($10), a simple bento box served with rice, chicken and salmon. It tasted pretty normal but the entire experience left me feeling super. Unlike most cafes, Superhero Café provides it own delivery service too, “faster than a speeding bullet” I quote. Try it out and tell us if it’s really that speedy!

Go thank your favourite superhero for filling your stomach!

Location: 37A Boat Quay (5 mins from Raffles MRT)
For more information: http://www.superheroconcept.com/

3. NOX- Dine In The Dark

With the 13th month bonus in the pocket, it was the time for some self-pampering and sinful indulgence.

At NOX-Dine In The Dark, you get to dine in the most novel and exquisite environment: complete darkness. Yes, you heard me right. While dining in the dark, you judge your meal purely by taste and smell! Without the distraction of sight, you may truly taste the freshness of ingredients and smell the wafts of its salivating aromas. This way, you can no longer “judge a book by its cover”. At the end of the meal, this intriguing dining environment leaves many dumbfounded, guessing what their meal was; it is meant to test your palate and therein lies all the fun. However, during the post-dinner reception, staff members will reveal pictures and descriptions of your earlier meal.

For first-timers, you may feel slightly anxious and worried about finding your seat, fret not, there are actually guides around assigned to your table. These guides are either partially or completely blind, so, they are naturally more inclined to operate in the dark. This is another hallmark of the restaurant: to raise awareness of blindness and disability in general.

So if you have some spare cash this month and want to have an awesome kick-start to 2015, why not give this restaurant a try today?

Location: 269, Beach Road Singapore 199546
For more information: http://www.noxdineinthedark.com/