All through the generations, great leaders have forged new societies, created great businesses and advanced progress toward social change by employing some set of skills and abilities that are the awe of anyone who desire to motivate people to take action.

Leadership is frequently mixed up with one’s position within a hierarchy, it is worthy of note that leadership is not a title, a role or a position of authority. Its description is difficult to pinpoint. Great leadership is a set of values, beliefs and attitude brought to life by an individual’s actions and behaviors while striving to achieve progress. A leader therefore does not necessarily mean a position within social or organizational set ups. That explains why people with the greatest potential for leadership, don’t know they possess it.

Here are some signs you will definitely be a great leader, even if you don’t realize it right now.

  1. You empower others
    Leadership is not a position of advantage or power. It is a position of service. A leader’s responsibility, first of all is to help and guide people get what they desire; never to make them subservient to their own whims and goal.
  2. You have emotional intelligence
    This is one among the sole vital qualities of good leaders. Without it, the most intelligent, competent and ambitious persons will still lose out of attaining greatness in leadership. Emotional intelligence is two times as necessary for excellent performance as IQ and technical skills.
  3. You use logic
    Logic is the principles of reasoning. Among the discourse of management and leadership, logic, reasoning and rational thought in many cases are ignored in favor of intuition and gut feelings. Although intuition is extremely vital, the power to follow and generate logical processes, arguments and strategy is a foundational basis of high-performance and results.
  4. You concentrate on solutions, not problems
    When the pressure is on and work deadlines are drawing near, what distinguishes great leaders from the rest is their ability to concentrate on solutions, instead of problems. Henry Ford, founder said believed if someone think he can, or think he can’t -he is absolutely right. Great leaders just spend time concentrating on problems only to learn how to get over it.
  5. You are a learner
    Albert Einstein, probably the most prolific leader of scientific development the world has ever seen believed that intellectual growth must first begin at birth and stop only at death. A dedication to lifelong learning is one of the most vital features of great leaders. The ability to challenge one’s own assumptions and uncover lessons from pass successes or failures of is the foundation of progress.
  6. You make others better
    Great leaders are not keen on subordinating their followers. Rather, they desire to create more leaders and establishing a whole lot of competent and highly effective drivers for whatever they are working towards.
  7. You think outside the box
    Great leaders challenge the status quo. They interrupt the normal order of things to find new and more profitable ways of doing things. They achieve remarkable things because they’re ready to ask questions, be critical and make change where it’s required in order to drive progress.
  8. You are not afraid of making the big decisions
    It is extremely hard to Step out and make the courageous decisions. That’s exactly why it takes an extraordinary leader to do it. They don’t get it done because it’s easy. They do it because they recognize that, oftentimes, failure to come to a decision is worse than making a bad one. The power to lead can be learned and this list just shows you how to become a great leader.