Design agencies concentrate on design and usually collaborate with outside partners such as ad agencies, other professionals or designers to deliver their jobs. They generally deliver digital and print design, professional services, branding specializations and in some cases interior and product design. Therefore, they concentrate only on Design services and occasionally provide a number of strategy services.

Finding out what flourishing design agencies are up to can certainly help widen your expertise as a designer and exactly what it takes to manage a profitable small or big design firms.

Here are some key roles and responsibilities in a creative agency Singapore that will help you have a better understanding of the workings of design agency even though it differs a bit from agency to agency, the creative service workplace is typically composed of the same bunch of people.

The Creative Director

It is the creative director’s work to make certain that the task the teams are performing is on brief and of a particular quality. The creative director at the same time makes a decision on which team is most effective to manage a particular project, the amount of time they are required to accomplish the task and will always be there to deliver the work to the consumers together with the group who designed the work.

Copywriters and Art Directors

They typically work as distinctive teams, even though this style is beginning to change but it has been working quite effectively for a very long time. The team receives a brief after which they work on it collectively for several days or perhaps a couple of weeks. Any time ideas are presented and selected they would come together to design or develop graphics for the ad campaign. However, even though an art director bears the word “art” in the heading, drawing abilities are not necessary.


There are many designers, such as those skilled in graphic design, website development or even product design. Nonetheless, a good number of agencies now have graphic designers on staff members to make it easier for the art directors and copywriters get promotion materials speedily as well as focus on tasks that have to do with pure design without requiring a concept team. Creative designers are extremely high valued as they quite simply take ideas to the next stage as well as give the final work a polishing that the creative team failed to do.

Production Artists

The production artists usually undertake the arduous task of getting campaigns and setting them for printing. This will likely involve putting the files for the printing press, developing versions of one ad for several publications, as well as creating updates to existing campaigns.