Facebook is widely known as one of the social media platform that helps thousands of businesses reach their potential and existing customers. Most marketing gurus advise business owners to create a hub on Facebook for their business and even go ahead to tell them how to take full advantage of it. However, there are several good reasons why you shouldn’t create a Facebook Business Page just yet, listed below are a few sound reasons why you shouldn’t.

  1. You’re just going to sell on facebook
    Facebook isn’t an advertising platform. It’s not like a vacant billboard and it neither a definite sales tool, but a perfect tool for branding, community-building as well as a means to engage customers, which potentially result in sales overtime, however, if you’re starting your advertising campaign on facebook you’re probably on the wrong path.  Your business might not be well prepared to set up and take care of a brand community. Your marketing could possibly be based on hard, fast, high-pressure selling. Should this be the case, It won’t deliver the desired results and in most cases would actually work against you.Your followers will see your business page as a reflection of your company not an advertising space. So when you push your product or service on Facebook – and not do anything other than that – it going to  give the public a bad perception of your company.
  1. Oversaturated Social Media Culture
    Facebook has in recent times turn out to be a sort of wasteland for social media outreach and if you don’t have lively information to climb to the top of the heap, you’ll surely go missing. Don’t spend your time and effort seeking to strengthen a social media campaign that’ll fall on deaf ears. Strive to connect with your customers on other websites with totally different messages. Make an effort to be unique.
  1. Facebook Makes You Pay to Connect To Your Audience
    Whenever a company posts on Facebook it gets to only around 16% of its targeted customers. What exactly can an advertiser do in this case? The first option is to pay-up through Facebook Ads to convey your messages to a considerably larger audience. The second option is to move away from Facebook and put all your effort on less expensive marketing options like SEO.
  1. Susceptibility to Random Posts
    Facebook pages are incredibly prone to random postings which could hurt your credibility. If a person posts a horrible review of your company, either accurate or inaccurate and it gets shared or perhaps viewed by a large number of people, before you deal with it, your company’s reputation could be irreversibly ruined.
  1. Not Worth the Limited Reach
    In the last couple of years, Facebook persuaded brands to invest millions of dollars to develop their Facebook fan pages. At present, those same brands can’t connect with their communities without sponsoring their content due to the fact that the reach for a fan page is 6% and constantly declining, this means that brands must pay again to get to the fans they actually paid to acquire.
  1. You don’t have the funds to do it.
    Your company is likely the right candidate for a Facebook page. It could very well do great things with one. However if you have a limited budget or don’t have bandwidth to do it, it advisable not to go broke because you want to Invest in a Facebook page that you hardly ever update. In the event you very rarely post, your customers might possibly think you’re not there – or not doing good. You’ll look ineffective at best and suspicious at worst.