It is a fact that images are more successful at grabbing the attention of people than text alone. This is one of the reasons why display advertising is very popular today. But, huge numbers of marketers don’t realize just how much a specific image can affect your CTR or also known as click-through-rate. When it comes in creating eye-catching display ads, it is very important that you are aware and familiar about the 5 rules for creating stunning display ads. Here, you will know and learn the 5 rules for creating eye-catching display ads. Check these out:

  • Don’t bother with stock photos
    It is true that stock photos are boring, dull and don’t have the ability to catch the attention of people. The stock photo craze stated due to a very limited supply of quality digital photos that are available online. In addition to this, the ability to purchase stock photos was seen as an easy way for online marketers to easily gain access to huge varieties of professional quality photos. Today, most people are numb to boring images stock photo sites carry.
  • Don’t over feature the logo
    In the recent year; there are some people who think that using their logo as the main imagery for their display ads is excellent for branding. Even though it may increase the brand recognition, it won’t do anything for CTR. Brands that ditched the logo thumbnail in their ads saw a CTR increase of 27 percent. It is highly recommended to try creating display ads that include your logo, rather than feature it.
  • Crop to Precise Dimensions
    This is considered as a simple rule that has the ability to boost the impression of your display ads. Just like clothing, ads come in various sizes and just like clothing; you would never want to squeeze an XL ad into a XS ad space. Before creating your ads, you need to make sure that you get the correct size ration of your ad space and tailor them exactly to that size. If you need filler, use a border with a contrasting bold color.
  • Go easy on the copy
    You don’t need to give up all your details upfront since that is what a landing page is for. You need to bear in mind that display ads are creatively designed to pull in viewers and at the same time encourage them to click. Apart from this, it is very important to use easy to read, clear and short copy. You only need seconds to make a compelling impression. Furthermore, make sure font size, style and colors are clear to read.
  • Add and Subtract
    It is highly recommended to split-test different elements in each of your ads. Once you split test your ads, you may find that all your ads that use the word “free” have the highest CTR, but all your ads that mention a lower price have a better conversion rate. You may also discover that your target audience prefers green over blue. The main point is, you won’t know until you test it.

The 5 rules for creating eye-catching display ads that are stated above will serve as your guide and key to obtain stunning and effective display ads.