Month: November 2017

How to Have a Rustic Wedding this Fall

This fall, many couples are planning to have their weddings in a rustic style. Rustic themed weddings have an organic, earthy, and romantic atmosphere. A rustic wedding can take place at a farmhouse, or in an upscale lounge in the city, but it will always fit into your budget. A rustic wedding provides the opportunity to do many of the decorations yourself, saving you some money that would have gone into a party decorator’s purse. You can even use some of the things in your house. And to make it more surreal, you can add beautiful rustic bouquets of...

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Ashley Summer Launches New Line of Bralettes in Singapore

Singapore, SG – Ashley Summer launches a new line of bralettes in Singapore and at the same time, launched an ASOS Marketplace and Lazada store to showcase more of her products to the international market. Ashley Summer wants to empower women through a curated collection of raw luxury. Customers are impressed with how each product has been carefully designed and the materials used have the women’s comfort in mind. Gina, one of Ashley’s regular customers love the bralettes design and fabric. “I am very picky when it comes to my lingerie and Ashley Summer has definitely hit the spot...

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How to save money and yet follow your passion for sports

I have been a lazy ass for almost my entire teenage life. After 18 years of totally sedentary lifestyle, I decided to subscribe to a boxing gym and get back in shape. You won’t believe what happened in my first training session. After sixty eternal minutes of surreal pain and fatigue, I was trying to jump the rope and I stepped on it, falling badly on my face and breaking it. As the most classic episodes of Mr. Bean, I went to the locker room with a very dark face and while I was taking out my bag from...

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