Month: July 2017

Ways to Start and Maintain a Conversation

Do you want to overcome shyness and be confident? Do you want to always make great conversation with anyone? We all want to be social, make friends, and develop good people skills, The more connections we make, the more the world opens up and consequently, the better we naturally feel about yourself. Here are a few ways you can start and maintain a conversation. Always give people compliment and attach it to a question: That’s a very good sweater. Would you mind telling me where you got it? Or your hairstyle is great. Do you have any preferred salon?...

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What are Fidget Spinners And Why Are They So Addictive?

Fidget spinners have grown to be the hottest craze sweeping across school playgrounds and offices, with kids and grownups addicted to the stress-relieving gadget. They are believed to help people who suffer from stress and anxiety and they are relatively inexpensive. Even though they proved a success across several countries, a number of schools are not too keen and have actually gone as far as banning the pocket-size toys. It’s difficult to express just how widespread the fidget spinner is. But one figure stands out – 49 of the 50 best-selling toys on Amazon are fidget spinners or the...

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