Month: June 2017

How to Negotiate Higher Salary

Negotiating could earn or save you more money in less time than any other approach. Whether you’re seeking a raise or negotiating your salary at a new job, one thing is constant: it’s nerve-racking. While it could be a scary experience, it doesn’t have to be as scary if you stick to these ways to negotiate a higher salary. Center on what a raise would achieve for you. The power of positive thinking goes a long way, just like affirmations that require telling yourself you ought to have more. Negotiating a higher salary gets even easier as your skills...

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What is Bitcoin and How Bitcoin Work

Bitcoins are digital currency, sometimes referred to as ‘cryptocurrency’. Bitcoins are a type of electronic public money which are made by painstaking mathematical computations and policed by an incredible number of computer users known as ‘miners’. Bitcoins are essentially electricity converted into long strings of code with money value. How Bitcoins Work Bitcoins are wholly virtual coins created to be ‘self-contained’ for their value, without any need for banks to move and save the money. Bitcoins act like physical gold coins: they have value and trade as though they were nuggets of gold in your pocket. You can make...

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