Month: August 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself to Others

You are probably like many others out there who usually fall to the ever alluring but emotionally risky trap of comparing yourself to other people. Based on comparison theory, individuals usually do this to come up with accurate self-evaluations. But, on what particular cost really? So instead of comparing yourself to others, it would be best to think of yourself and concentrate more on your own potential. Comparing yourself to others will just drain or worst will only destroy you. Here are the following reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to others: Comparisons can Turn Allies and Friends...

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Why You Shouldn’t Clean your Ears with Cotton Buds

Ears are vital parts of the body gracing individuals the ability to hear different sounds in their environment. Without this hearing capability, individuals will probably not appreciate life. It is therefore vital to keep the ears clean. However, the real problem in this routine is that cleaning the ears is done the wrong way. Cleaning the ears using cotton buds is common, however this has been found out to be a common mistake that individuals are doing until now. Cleaning the ears with cotton buds has been one social practice taken by many different individuals all over the world....

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The Health Benefits of Lobster

Lobsters are well-known large sea creatures belonging to Nephropidae Family. Found in many oceans, these water species usually live on sandy, muddy and rocky parts of the shoreline or on the edge of continental shelf. Lobsters are mainly consumed in different forms such as bisque, rolls and soups. These are one of the wholesome, delightful and health foods widely available today. Lobsters provide minerals and vitamins particularly when steamed, baked, grilled and boiled. The health benefits of lobster especially to one’s health can never be understated The health benefits of lobsters include but not limited to the following: Strengthen the...

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