Month: September 2015

Simple Tips On How To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

These days, people have been living a lifestyle, which almost make them not to move. People can now just call a certain fast food to deliver them the food they want to it for that very day, they work a sedentary kind of job, spends most of their day sitting in front of their computers, eat unhealthy food and all that. What most people do not really know is that, their bodies will suffer from certain diseases in the long run. Diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure are just some of the silent killers that kill hundreds of...

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5 Rules for Creating Eye-Catching Display Ads

It is a fact that images are more successful at grabbing the attention of people than text alone. This is one of the reasons why display advertising is very popular today. But, huge numbers of marketers don’t realize just how much a specific image can affect your CTR or also known as click-through-rate. When it comes in creating eye-catching display ads, it is very important that you are aware and familiar about the 5 rules for creating stunning display ads. Here, you will know and learn the 5 rules for creating eye-catching display ads. Check these out: Don’t bother...

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Here’s Why Taking up a Bank Loan for your Business Isn’t a Bad Thing

Many businesses face numerous challenges such as the lack of resources, insufficient marketing efforts, unable to find manpower, rising fixed costs and delay in customer payments. Have you as a business owner faced such problems as well? If you have, read on. I’ve met numerous business owners that often have the mentality that “Cash is King”. Thus, they have never once resorted to taking up loans to fund their businesses as living within one’s means is what they believe in. “I shall not take on this project if I cannot afford it” or “It’s very expensive to change this...

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