Month: March 2015

Read Before Buying a Power Bank

With the increasing usage of our mobile devices (such as Smartphone, tablet, MP3, handheld game consoles), having that amount of battery life in the device itself would not be enough to operate the whole day or even half a day for some users. Therefore in this tech-savvy environment which we are living in, portable power banks seem to be getting more popular and commonly used among these Smartphone using people. Before diving into a store to get a power bank, do you really understand about these power banks and how they function, or how to even choose a power...

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5 Birthday Celebration Ideas for Teens

How do you celebrate your birthday? Watching a movie? A simple house gathering? What if I tell you that there is actually so much more you can do apart from the usual cake cutting or meal gathering at a hippy café? Well, if you are planning for someone’s upcoming birthday celebration, forget about surprising the birthday boy/girl at their doorstep. This year, try surprising him/her with some of these extraordinary and novel activities in Singapore instead! 1) Laser Clay Singapore I personally have never tried this before but this the laser sport has been generating numerous awesome reviews from...

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Things To Do In Osaka Japan

Dubbed as the“Land of the Rising Sun”, Japan is of the most advanced nations thriving in Asia. A couple of weeks ago, I visited Osaka, Japan’s third largest and second-most important city after its capital. It has in fact been a crucial economic powerhouse for its surrounding prefectures and for the entire nation as a whole. Alright, moving on from all these factual and technical information about Osaka, let me tell you about my Osaka- Japan experience and some pointers you should take note of if you are visiting this amazing country. In Japan, the locals seldom speak English...

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5 Tips for Pest Control

Owing a house sometimes can become a cumbersome task because other than creating a house for comfort and relaxation, there are other duties too that is to be performed. There are tasks that every owner has to perform in order to maintain the beauty and quality of his house. Maintaining a house is a huge responsibility, where all the duties of maintenance are bound to be performed step by step so that the working of the house is proper and hassle free. For example, if cleaning of the house is to be done, then proper cleaning and mopping materials...

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4 Things You Can Do To Prevent Spam

Akin to plagues, spam emails are pervasive, virulent and something we could all do without. As unwitting spam victims, we are buried under heaps of digital trash in our mail boxes and forced to spend an inordinate length of time sieving the emails which actually matter. But what exactly is a spam email and why do people get so upset about it? An email spam targets individual email accounts with repeated copies of the same message, disregarding the holder’s choice of wanting to receive it or not. Imagine yourself receiving plenty of junk emails that you have not subscribed...

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